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Estimating Buddies Company is dedicated to providing outstanding design that goes beyond interiors to produce visually striking exteriors. Combining landscape design know-how, creative architecture, and meticulous attention to detail, we are experts in creating outdoor environments that complement their surroundings and express the distinct tastes and styles of our customers.

Understanding the geography, climate, and architectural vernacular of the site thoroughly is the first step in our approach to external design. Through meticulous examination of these elements, we can produce designs that blend in perfectly with the surrounding landscape, complementing it rather than overwhelming it.

We at Estimating Buddies think that outdoor areas ought to complement inside living environments. We work to design outdoor spaces that are just as hospitable and useful as their indoor counterparts, whether they are found in a private home, business, or public area. We create outdoor environments that meet the demands and goals of our clients’ lifestyles, from large gardens to small, private courtyards.

We give sustainability equal weight to aesthetics when designing our exteriors. To reduce our influence on the environment and encourage long-term sustainability, we use water-wise landscaping techniques, energy-efficient technologies, and eco-friendly materials. In addition to lowering our carbon footprint, adopting sustainable design ideas makes outdoor spaces healthier and more durable.

Our attention to detail is one of the defining characteristics of Estimating Buddies’ exterior design. Every aspect of an outdoor space, from the arrangement of trees and bushes to the choice of paving materials and patio furniture, should be carefully considered, in our opinion, for it to be successful. By closely observing these little nuances, we can design outdoor places that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also long-lasting and practical.

Working together is the foundation of our external design philosophy. To make sure that their vision is accomplished, we collaborate closely with our clients, architects, landscape architects, and other relevant parties. We can design outdoor areas that surpass our client’s expectations while adhering to their specific functional and aesthetic specifications because we promote open communication and teamwork.

At Estimating Buddies, we recognize that being outside can improve our quality of life, offer a haven from the stress of daily living, and encourage relationships with loved ones and the natural world. For this reason, we approach every exterior design project with enthusiasm, imagination, and an unwavering dedication to quality. We have the know-how and the vision to realize your outdoor space visions, whether it’s a serene backyard refuge or a vibrant public plaza.